Challenge and Opportunity

Since 1987 (almost 23 years) the GRACE Center has been providing service to victims of substance abuse and to local families. Substance abuse treatment in Michigan has always been supported by public funding, which has come through Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services, the Dept. of Human Services, the Department of Corrections, and the Episcopal Church. In those 23 years, GRACE Center has acquired a solid reputation for its effectiveness and stability.

But here’s the deal. Right now the Michigan “economy” sucks. The state government is, if not broke, at least badly bent. The usual funds disbursed by NMSAS, DHS, and the DOC (our major funding sources) are beginning to disappear and the service GRACE Center provides to families and individuals may be weakened.

Five years ago the agency set about to deliberately strengthen its service to families. Budget cuts had forced Community Mental Health to severely limit its usual service to families and individuals, which created a need that had to be met. So, our staff credentials were raised to make it possible to offer marriage and family counseling for those who either wanted or needed it. These services were paid for, in so far as possible, by the clients who received them . . . but with a “fees according to ability to pay” policy this work has always needed some kind of subsidy.

Now into our life comes this anonymous donor, who is willing to grant us a gift equal to twice the amount we may raise up to a total of $10,000 . . . that is, if we raise $5000, he will give us $10,000. In addition, will equal a match with another $5000. We have a potential for raising $25,000.

This money would allow the agency to do two important things. First, it would make a broader spectrum of family and individual therapy available to those who desire it, helping to subsidize the “fees for service”. Second, we would be able to bring up to date our ancient, jury-rigged computer system - a necessity for any agency working with departments of the state of Michigan like NMSAS, DHS, or the Department of Corrections.

While the GRACE Center may operate quietly in our area, it operates effectively and has an excellent reputation among those it serves. Any amount you can give at this time will be much appreciated. Thanks for your help and concern.

Please write the word “challenge” on the memo line of your check, so that your gift will apply to our challenge grant, and mail the check to the above address.

The GRACE Center is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, so you may use your gift as a tax deduction if you wish.

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